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About The SEE

I’ve always had a deep passion for aesthetics and planning, but I started my company with one goal, connecting people.  I founded the Sarah Elizabeth Experience (The SEE) in 2016, and have since found my niche in creative marketing. I started as an event planner but I have grown to focus on in person and digital marketing.

Although I've expanded to digital marketing, my love for event planning and face to face relationship building hasn't left. In fact, I curate events to give customers an in person experience as an extension of what they see online. My goal is for our guests to remember the feeling they had while attending our event, creating a precedent for exceptional event experiences. 

My personable technique is built around a team centered dynamic. By building a foundational relationship with you, I create space for an authentic collaboration between us. In my experience, building a bond between you and I leaves a lasting impression on our clients. Modern day customer retention goes beyond customer service, people buy from companies they can trust. 

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